About Peter Yexley

Peer Yexley Hertfordshire SEO expertPeter Yexley is without question a genuine internet marketing pioneer. Yes, many can claim such a statement but few can prove it, the truth is that many of the so called website marketing experts weren’t even born when Peter Yexley started promoting and marketing websites back in 1994.

Google wasn’t even born!

The term ‘SEO’ hadn’t been invented and even Yellow Pages refused to accept his advertisement because they had no category for ‘Internet Marketing’.

It’s difficult to imagine life without Google and the facilities to type in a question and get loads of answers, solutions and even products, services and whatever you might have in your wildest dreams – it’s there, in Cyber Space!

Let’s go back to 1994, two decades ago, it’s actually a generation ago!


  • No Google
  • No Broadband
  • No Mobile Internet
  • No Laptops

How did we market our business?

Peter Yexley was still marketing businesses!

Good old ink on paper

Remember when Yellow Pages was a door stopper?

J.R Hartley had great success using Yellow Pages to ring loads of secondhand book shops to source a book called “Fly Fishing, by J.R  Hartley”,  It probably took him a couple of weeks but after loads and loads of phone calls, waiting for people to call him back, just before he was about to end his quest, the phone rings and a random bookseller has located the very book he was looking for!

Today we’d ‘Google’ it! but back in 1994 we would rely on ink on paper advertising. That is precisely what Peter Yexley was doing. He was a director of a PLC publishing company creating books and magazines that relied on advertising revenue.

One day early in 1994 Peter Yexley started to read about ‘The Information Superhighway’ – suddenly there was public access to a wireless infrastructure that allowed people to communicate not only on a one-to-one basis (email) but what can only be described as a worldwide library of online information.

In 1994 websites were very slow to load because there was no broadband or wireless internet access. We needed  modem and even then a separate phone line if we needed to use the telephone and access the internet. The noise in connecting to the internet was loud, the connection was slow and very limited. Just a company logo would be the cause of a very slow page load, never mind a couple of small photos makimg the connection even slower.