Facebook for SEO

Facebook launched it’s own search engine but not a traditional search engine like Google or Bing. Facebook’s search engine is ‘a social search engine’.

Let’s not look at this as a fad or bolt-on extra because when we take into account Facebook’s billion-plus user base along with the and huge amount of data that users provide Facebook, it is likely to be a major player in the search engine world and great for SEO.

Will Facebook users take a big leap from ‘Googling’ ? I think of the convenience factor, why move from Facebook to search in Google when there is  Facebook Graph Search available?

Facebook’s search engine isn’t starting with an empty plate, it taps into Bing to provide web-based search results if it can’t provide results from within its own pot.

The big difference with Facebook local search is it can provide local recommendations using a combination of users’ friends, their own Facebook check-ins (restaurants, pubs, leisure venues, zoos that they have been to), their “likes” of local businesses and associated data.

“How do I make sure my business gets found in Facebook search?”

If you haven’t got a Facebook Page for your business get one because it will help a lot, if you don’t want one,  it’s not required but if you have a destination venue like a retail businesses it may show up if someone has added it as a “place.” It is however still possible to be listed as a “place” without having a Facebook Page.

Let’s take Facebook’s new search facility to the extreme – if users do a search for say  “Indian restaurants that my friends have visited”, Facebook uses check-ins  and if there is a search for say “beauty salons that my friends like”  means that Facebook will seek a Page that their friends “like”. However it also incorporates results for the more basic “hotels near Harry Potters World St.Albans” types of local searches.

Being mindful that Web searches produce Bing’s search results if Facebook needs to find more content that is not in its own system.