Using LinkedIn for SEO

St.Albans SEO CompanyIs LinkedIn good for SEO? is another question I’m asked a lot and it has a yes/no answer.

The vast majority of people with a LinkedIn account will tell you they get little or nothing from LinkedIn as far as SEO is concerned but that’s because they do nothing and let their account gather dusts.

Unless you are active in posting within LinkdIn you will be lucky to see any real results other than spam and ‘Connect’ requests.

However if you are looking for some good quality link resources for a blog for example, LinkdIn is a very powerful resource. I say ‘blog’ because people do trust well written blogs but avoid spammy commercial PR stunts. So if you have an interesting blog, you can be smart and use it as an effective tool to build your brand awareness and at the same time attract high-quality content links to point back to your website.

The downside is that too many good blogs are pestered with link requests from online marketers and often get ignored so you need a unique method of reaching the blogger for any chance of getting your content right on top of the pile. This is where I think LinkedIn is the perfect tool to help.

I’m going to throw an idea into the pot, feel free to adapt it to suit but let’s say you have a new restaurant in St.Albans, Hertfordshire and you are embarking upon an SEO strategy.

Google loves reviews and people love reading reviews so a good proportion of your promotion should be to encourage different local food bloggers to come to your restaurant, perhaps invite them to try a free sample menu and then of course write a review.

Some people will feel privileged and honoured to be asked, other will enjoy the ego boost and many who fancy themselves as ‘foodies’ will take you up on your offer.

So, how do you seek these people out?  – If you used the search term “food blogs in St. Albans.” in Google, you’ll notice page after page are pretty much the same websites that your competitors use.

Let’s leave these for the moment and use LinkedIn as a search tool.

If you manipulate Linkedin’s search filters, you can target specific keywords and also narrow them down by location. A search for “food writer” and put in your post code within say 50 miles, it produces about 690 results.

Be mindful that less than half of those may not be relevant because they’ve changed employers, move on or not an ideal content match, you  still have 350 or so!.

When you search for say St.Albans restaurant, search with and without quotation marks to and you’ll get different results.

Stay with the theme but think of different search terms.

  • “Food” filtered by location and/or writing and editing professions
  • “Food blog” or “food blogger,” filtered by location
  • “Food editor,” filtered by location
  • “Food writer,” filtered by location
  • “Restaurant reviewer,” filtered by location

Let’s avoid sending emails, as they are more miss than hot for cold messaging.  If you have a “2nd  level connection” with someone on LinkedIn, you can use LinkedIn to contact them directly.

If not, there is a good chance that will have a Twitter account. Search for “Name + Twitter,” follow that person and then tweet directly to her: “Hello Mike. Peter Yexley here. I found your blog and got totally absorbed reading it! The post about locally sourced meat really resounded with me and I would love to chew an idea with you. Can I email you?”

You’ll get a far better response rate.